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There is a place for Pay-Per-Click Advertising,  and It requires strong understanding of Google Adwords functionality..

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An effective website is a rich mix of strategy, creativity, technology and focus. We work diligently with you to build a website that will achieve your online goals. We develop designs that capture your audience’s imagination and engage them in an  experience. We understand that every business is unique. Your products, services, customers and processes are unique. Your niche and target audience are unique. Your competitive advantage is unique as well. Our ecommerce web design solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Our search engine alignment and internet marketing programming is based on industry best practices. We are experienced in achieving top rankings and large volume of traffic for numerous clients.

pay-per-click advertising

Pay per click advertising has it's place on the internet. (Wikipedia definition of PPC). Implementing pay per click campaigns have one main advantage, instant advertising! This type of advertising is a beneficial method for test branding or calls to action for specific product offers. If the pay per click campaign advertising is implemented correctly, pay per click can generate high quality leads.

The problem with pay-per-click is if your not familiar with the graphical user interface or do not possess a true understanding of control, pay per click can be a black hole for any companies budget. Its very easy to inadvertently drive unqualified or undesired traffic to your website via Pay-Per-Click advertising.

So what are the most common mistakes many companies make when creating a ppc campaign?

Bid on the wrong keywords

Many companies feel they know their keywords without the need to research and understand the difference between broad spectrum keywords and true target keywords. If your company decides to implement a pay-per-click advertising campaign, one of the quickest  methods of wasting advertising funds is by selecting the improper keywords. The intention of selecting good keywords is there, however many times those keywords are not the most beneficial keywords. Sure, you'll receive increased traffic to your website, however the ratio of untargeted traffic will far out weigh the intended targeted traffic.

How to create a successful pay per click campaign

Managed Pay per click CAMPAIGNS

Pay-Per-Click Management Systems
We are a team of  web designers, Internet Marketing Strategists with extensive experience in pay-per-click management. We posses a unique skill set for web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization.


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First you will need time. Time to increase your knowledge and understand utilizing website analysis tools such as analytics. A good website analytics platform will display for
you the search engine terms that your potential customers are using to find your website. This gives you a great starting point for your pay per click
keyword selection.

If you decide to use tools such as Google analytics, take advantage of Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool can offer several great suggestions for
keywords based on your existing website and/or variations of terms you may have already identified as important. Also, ask your customers!
More often than not your customers and prospects will be more than happy to tell you how they phrase their needs when using search engines.
Based on your existing customer responses, you can create your own analytics.

Start out with only two pay per click advertisements

Allow yourself time to gain knowledge and understand the interface of any pay per click control panel. As a pay per click advertiser you have the opportunity to lower your cost per click and increase click through rates by testing variations of your advertising copy. In fact, many pay per click advertising campaign platforms allow you to have your best performing advertisements display more frequently. However it is very easy to start
with one or two ads that you believe are relevant to your target audience and either remove or lower your bids for other keywords. By not adding
a wider variety of advertisements, you’re limiting your ability to test and optimize your pay per click campaigns. You could ultimately end up with
a less effective and more expensive campaign because of it.

There is possibly one thing worse than running only one advertisement on your pay per click campaign and that is showing irrelevant advertisements to your target audience? Most pay per click platforms give the providers the tools they need to categorize your priority keywords and advertisements into several campaigns and/or advertisement groups. Not only does this give you the opportunity to limit the display of your birthday cake ads to prospects searching for terms related to “birthday cakes”, but you can also break up your keywords and advertisement campaigns into several campaigns to vary your strategy on a regional basis, by keywords or time of day.

Drive your traffic to your homepage

While its not inconceivable that your website might be extremely relevant to the specific advertisement or search term intended for your interested prospect,  don't drive your traffic to your inner pages of your website. This could possibly cause your prospective customer to "bounce" out of your website since most prospects would like to learn more about your company and only end up clicking on your home page anyway, if they have the time. What also commonly happens is, inner pages are changed and your pay per click advertisement is still pointing to a non-existent webpage on your website.

Make it a point to always have your pay per click advertisement direct users to a landing page (homepage) that is relevant to their search term or the advertisement.  Have a clear call to action that offers true value to your prospect and directly related to the keyword search.

test your pay per click advertisement and optimize accordingly

Pay per click advertising requires the constant management attention to increase the ratio of conversion over bounce and/or loss of prospects. The basis of pay per click is your paying your ppc provider when a prospect clicks on your advertisement, this should be your incentive to increase the relevancy and remove the advertisements that are not converting well in order to increase the number of high quality prospects and lower your campaign costs. To do this well you need to test a variety of offerings, copy, calls-to-action and a combination of graphics and/or website design attributes in order to maximize your return on investment.

productive website designs with good (ROI) -  have a web design with proven profitability

It's important to understand the initial objective of your website design.  It is equally important to understand all the elements that make up good website design. The elements of good web design apply whether you are having a web page, website, business card or a t-shirt designed. Once you understand the importance, you'll understand what is required for a successful web design and website presence.

Our web design and marketing team now only create web designs but also create robust content. Our  team promises you first class service and attention to detail that is second to none. We have extensive experience in project management to design your project from start to finish. If your looking to have a simple website that will produce a return on your investment, contact us today!

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