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An effective website is a rich mix of strategy, creativity, technology and focus. We work diligently with you to build a website that will achieve your online goals. We develop designs that capture your audience’s imagination and engage them in an  experience. We understand that every business is unique. Your products, services, customers and processes are unique. Your niche and target audience are unique. Your competitive advantage is unique as well. Our ecommerce web design solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Our search engine alignment and internet marketing programming is based on industry best practices. We are experienced in achieving top rankings and large volume of traffic for numerous clients.

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consider the following when searching for a SEO company

Searching for a SEO consultant who can actually deliver ranking results as promised, can be prove to be daunting and frustrating. Especially if you have had bad experiences with marketing companies and have lost finances to prove it. You should understand that in reality, a professional SEO marketing company has to possess several capabilities and wear many hats. The resume of a internet marketing company should reflect the capability of being a copywriter, graphic designer, web designer, product designer, site developer, internet marketer with advertising experience, an analyst and entrepreneur with web hosting capability. 

Internet Marketing Companies Outsourcing 

In many cases, SEO companies outsource anything above and beyond the intricacies involved with search engine optimization. To some companies, the issue of 2nd and 3rd level outsourcing doesn't matter, or so they think. Actually it does matter. What does 2nd and 3rd level outsourcing mean to you as the client? An exorbitant amount of wasted time. How much time depends on how much of your project is being outsourced, in addition to how many other internet marketing companies the outsourced company is servicing. If your internet the marketing company has to "wait for return calls or a response" for any of the aforementioned services from the outsourcing company, this dilutes your ultimate goal and objective. Also what comes into play is the matter of interpretation and the objective of each individual company playing a role in your primary objective. It can be hard to find a internet marketing company with necessary qualifications, however it would prove to be very beneficial in performance and expense.

SEO snake oil

So how can you determine if the internet SEO marketing company you are considering is selling snake oil? You should always highly consider your own experiences. If you feel uneasy about anything that has been explained to you or not impressed by their interpretation or if they simply don't call you back or if all you get is the buzz word a sales pitch, it may not be a good match.

It's important to have knowledge of the questionable tactics that is being utilized to sell their optimization service capabilities. For example, how qualified can an SEO company be if they advertise on pay-per-click. Are they notorious for scraped content and showcase their links on your website. They may charge you for so called "SEO secrets." Unfortunately, you must filter the deceptive companies at all costs.

the SEO ranking results guarantee

If you are considering a SEO marketing company and are asking for guarantees, their response should be "there are no guarantees". We as a company, (Compufix Professionals) do commit to the obligation to deliver high rankings, however based on the product and/or service and level of competition of our client will determine how long it will take to get there. We feel once we are committed, we are obligated to reach the promised project goal. The best method of providing confidence in your selection of a SEO marketing firm is to ask for case studies as well as references.

Entrusting a SEO marketing company with access to your company website internals is a risky decision. You are risking your business, current rankings (if any) or In a worst-case scenario, be search engine banned. You must perform your due diligence on selecting a SEO company.

proven SEO positioning performance

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO company, located in Boca Raton since 2002 and now in Boca Raton since 2015,  offers several SEO packages based on your product and/or service in conjunction with the amount of competitors in your industry. We will demonstrate how you can compete in your industry in several ways which will gradually increase your website presence positioning.  


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We don't take on a project if we do not feel we can produce results. We do not commit to any search engine optimization project unless we can commit to it.

We are a team of  internet Marketing Strategists with extensive experience in the organic Search Engine Optimization arena. We posses a unique skill set for internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Price vs. web hosting service

At Compufix Professionals, you receive professional web hosting at a reasonable cost.  There are no hidden fees, charges. We do not  sell our clients email addresses. We are dedicated to our clients and protect their privacy and services. We offer our clients full control via control panel to select their password, virus control, spam control levels and much more.

turnkey solution packages

Web Hosting

We offer several turnkey packages to fit virtually every budget. We partner with our clients and strive for their success. We take pride in providing you with best in class service, from web design to web hosting to search engine optimization solutions.

Trusted source of technical services

Trusted Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Compufix Professionals, located in Boca Raton since 2002 and now in Boca Raton, is a leading provider of IT products and services. We're proud to be one of the most trusted sources of technical services and information within our respective regions.

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