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"The Data Recovery Process Can Be Expensive!"
Every Data Recovery project is unique, therefore every data recovery project requires a unique quote..

Data Recovery Tips

data recovery tips

Have you lost data on a hard drive, tape drive or flash drive?

To avoid permanent data loss, follow these important guidelines:

1) If it's a hard drive you possess and your hard drive is making clicking, grinding or spinning sounds, shut the computer and/or hard drive system down immediately. Those sounds you could be hearing could be the hard drive heads scraping your hard drive platters. This can result in severe or possibly a complete data loss.

2) Disconnect the power to the computer and/or hard drive system. If you intend on removing the hard drive in question yourself, handle the procedure with care. all hard drive systems are extremely sensitive to static electricity and physical jarring or jolting.

3) If you consider your hard drive data important  and critical to you, make sure you choose a reputable data recovery firm that can properly recover data from your (possible) physically damaged hard drives. It is possible that even the smallest recovery attempts on a physically damaged hard drive could render your data totally unrecoverable. That is why it is important to select a reputable data recovery company from the start.  The very first data recovery attempt is always the best recovery attempt. We at Compufix Professionals use the safest methods available to ensure your data is not lost from the overwhelming amount of attempts to recover your data. repeated recovery attempts could damage your hardware.

When hard drive failure occurs and data recovery is necessary:

A)  Only if possible, you can try to back up the data immediately (in some cases)
B)  Do not use utility software if the drive makes scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds
C) Do not power up a device that has obvious physical damage or is making unusual sounds
D) Shut down the computer to avoid further damage to the drive and its data
E) Do not make an attempt to perform recovery yourself on severely damaged hard drives
    (This may cause further damage or permanent data loss)
F) If you’ve lost critical data, we can help. Our data recovery service is your best and safest option
G) Never assume data is 100% unrecoverable

Compufix Professionals has successfully recovered data from hundreds of thousands of drives with
extreme cases with physical and logical damage to the hard drive. Our safe data recovery helps to
recover hard drive data from any disaster through our safe data recovery service. Being proactive in preventing data loss from your hard drive and/or tape drive system.

ensure strategies are in place to protect critical information

- Never upgrade any system in any shape or form, without a verified backup
- Use up-to-date hardware and software utilities for data security
- Scan all drives for viruses, including any new packaged software
- Use well ventilation, fans and/or air conditioning to keep computers at proper operating temperature
- Connect systems to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect against power surges
- Power down and take extreme caution when moving computers
- Avoid static discharge in excessively dry environments

Best data Backup Practices and data recovery preventative

- Invest in redundant backup systems
- Establish a structured backup procedure to make copies of all critical data files
- Periodically test the backups to verify that data
- Keep at least one verified copy of critical data offsite

We guarantee to rescue the maximum retrievable data

(On Site Technical Support available in New Jersey only ) We've Recovered Data from:
- Laptop that fell into the ocean
- Systems damaged by power failures
- Charred RAID arrays burnt by fire
- Crashed disks due to mechanical failure
- Maliciously damaged systems
- Virus damaged computer systems

data recovery Technical Service Questions

Q: What about RAID arrays? Can data be recovered from dual disk failures?
A: Although RAID arrays serve as one option for safeguarding data they are not totally fault tolerant. We have the most advanced RAID recovery tools in the industry with the most experienced engineers. In cases where more than one disk has failed, we have the tools and capabilities to repair and rebuild the RAID structure. We can perform all types of RAID recoveries both in-lab and remotely. For a remote RAID 5 recovery we need to see all the drives visible - i.e. though a SCSI card.

Q: Does the software package allow for RAID recovery services?
A: Due to the complexity of RAID, we do not recommend using software for data recovery in this instance. The data from RAID is often critical in nature and failed recovery attempts can lead to permanent data loss.

Q: Is recovery from SRAM possible?
A: The best advice is to consult a data recovery specialist for advice on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Have you ever recovered any data for Microsoft?
A: Yes, we have performed countless recoveries for Microsoft, the world's leading operating system. Compufix Professionals - works closely with Microsoft to ensure its tools are compatible with system updates - eg Vista. In fact, we have been recognized for its expertise with Microsoft technologies by attaining Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner.

Q: Do you support disk families on large systems?
A: Yes, we do. In fact, we have the tools and capabilities to recover data from any system, media or storage device.

Q: Why isn't recovered data delivered in the same directory structure?

A: Sometimes when the directory structure is damaged we are able to bring files back but we have to create a new path. There are lots of reasons a directory structure can be damaged and these vary from situation to situation.

Q: In general should we move 'my documents' to another partition or drive?
A: We have a strong preference for working on the original media. If you would like to copy your files to a new location in order to try and access the files this is fine. We advise you don't make any changes to the original location and don't let CHKDSK run. If you end up sending the drive in, send us your original drive as it is often not possible to get good recoveries from copies.

Q: Can you restore a partition damaged as a result of viruses, wrong action of user partition creation with several hard disk partition manager software?
A: As far as partitioning software is concerned, generally we are successful, but each case needs to be treated individually - the more the user does, the harder it generally gets for us.
Remote Service Questions

Q: What is remote data recovery?
A: Remote data recovery services is a patented technology, allowing Compufix Professionals Data Recovery service engineers to perform lab-quality recoveries right on your server, desktop or laptop through a secure modem or Internet connection.

Q: How is the initial evaluation handled for remote recoveries?
A: In very much the same way as an In-Lab - just remotely! The tools for a remote recovery are the same tools as used in lab.

Q: I am worried about the security of the data or my network, how is the security of my data managed via Compufix Professionals Data Recovery services?
A: Your data's security is assured thanks to the proprietary communication protocol, encrypted packets and secure facilities offered as part of the Compufix Professionals Data Recovery services.

Q: Does it take a long time to establish the connection to RDR?
A: No. Many customers get connected in less than 10 minutes.

Q: Can I use RDR if I have a proxy server or firewall?
A: Yes - the RDR software has been specifically designed to work with most Proxy and Firewall configurations.

it outsourcing experience of it support and Technical services

Today's IT professionals are tasked with managing a multitude of platforms, operating systems, networks, databases, applications and vendors. Maintaining control of this complex infrastructure is more complicated than ever. Choosing the right people, process and technology is a significant challenge. You need cost-effective solutions that make the environment more manageable, instead of more complicated. Compufix Professionals, offers a range of Professional Services to address your management needs, from E-Commerce internet and/or intranet strategy assessment and solution design to rapid deployment and implementation services.

Total Solutions Technology

One vendor, one call. Compufix Professionals Computer Repair offers a full line of computer and/or internet services. We provide service and support for thousands of computer products. We also can service and repair 'No-Name' clones. Customers have the convenience and cost-efficiency by dealing with one vendor for all of their information technology products. Whether a computer upgrade or computer repair or data recovery is needed.

Our packages are designed for companies that do not possess their own technical support staff or would like to alleviate their technical support staff of their web hosting responsibilities. We offer web hosting packages that include website maintenance, website design upgrades, search engine submittal and search engine optimization. All our web hosting packages come with virus and spam protection at the server level.

What we can do

Data Recovery - RAID 0, 1 Data Recovery Support
Compufix Professionals is widely regarded as the most expert data recovery company in the United States. We have saved many businesses from failure. From small companies to large corporations, in every sector of commerce and public services. So no matter how the data loss occurred, we can salvage data that other companies can not even find.

Price vs. web hosting service

Web Host Cost Factor

At Compufix Professionals, you receive professional IT Support at a reasonable cost.  There are no hidden fees, charges. We do not  sell our clients email addresses. We are dedicated to our clients and protect their privacy and services. We offer our clients full control via control panel to select their password, virus control, spam control levels and much more.

turnkey solution packages

Web Hosting

We offer several turnkey packages to fit virtually every budget. We partner with our clients and strive for their success. We take pride in providing you with best in class service, from web design to web hosting to search engine optimization solutions.

New Jersey Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We offer several levels of Data Recovery services. Our Dynamic Response Data Recovery is an on-site service without cracking the case of your computer or server. We also offer Server or Desktop pickup service. Ultimately we offer a clean room for cracking the case of any hard drive for ultimate data recovery services.

Domain name registrar

Domain Name Registrar

We are a Domain Name Registrar offering domain name sales, management, and private name servers, dedicated IP Addresses and VDS.


Compufix Professionals, Inc. is dedicated to assisting small to medium sized companies by providing technical solutions beyond compare. Solutions that deliver proven results in Productivity, Performance, Profitability and Client Satisfaction.

A Total Solutions Technology Company based in New Jersey. Dedicated to assisting small to medium size companies by providing technical solutions beyond compare. Web Design - Website Hosting  Network Installation Computer Installation & Support and Data Recovery. We provide technical solutions that deliver proven results in Productivity, Performance, Profitability and unsurpassed Client Satisfaction.

Our packages are designed for companies that do not possess their own technical support staff or would like to alleviate their technical support staff of their web hosting responsibilities. We offer web hosting packages that include website maintenance, website design upgrades, search engine submittal and search engine optimization. All our web hosting packages come with virus and spam protection at the server level.

Top reasons for data recovery

Data Recovery

A photo is worth 1,000,000 words
A customer reformatted an SD card by accident, erasing one particularly important photo. The photo in question was from a recent trip, where the customer helped capture a breathtaking scenic photo for a stranger, who forgot to bring a camera. The customer promised to e-mail the photo when the customer returned home.

Compufix Professionals helped the customer keep their word.

Cat and USB Peripheral Game
When a family house cat decided to replace a game of cat and mouse by playing with the AC power cord of a external hard drive, it ended poorly for the hard drive. The cord was attached to an external USB HDD, which of course fell, rendering household financial information and memories unreadable.

Compufix Professionals recovered 100% of the Data.

Look Out Below
A laptop was dropped from the second floor of a business operation. Sent initially to another data recovery company, the data was deemed unrecoverable. A second opinion yielded different, more promising results.
Even though we were not the first data recovery company to look at the peripheral, we were able to recover all data.

Hollywood Agent had Agony but was Not Defeated
After a Hollywood agent found out he was losing his job, he slammed his smart phone containing contact information for hundreds of clients against a parking ramp wall, shattering it into many pieces.  Two days later, all of his phone data was recovered; helping the agent to start his own agency.

It's a flying Computer
A businessman running late for a meeting made the mistake of placing his laptop on the roof of his car and drove off in rush. As he turned a corner, the laptop flew through the air, crashing into a wall. Compufix Professionals Data Recovery engineers were able to repair the broken drive and recover the individual’s laptop data. 

Office Horsing Around Doesn't Pay
As a result of a (fooling around) brawl between two colleagues in a server room, a server fell off a server rack. Lucky for them, the business critical information was recovered in full.

Slow Down on Speed Bumps
While riding on his motorbike, a photographer’s bike basket containing his camera came loose. The camera flew out and broke, leaving the memory card drowning in a puddle.

Upset Stomach
After a house pet got into a piece of defrosting meat on a kitchen countertop, the pet became sick all over the family’s computer. The dinner remnants seeped into the laptop’s hard drive, ruining the family’s computer in addition to dinner. 

Office Horsing Around Doesn't Pay
A horse riding tour ended abruptly with a fall. The rider was wearing a camera at the time of the accident, and while the rider got a clean bill of health, the memory card did not. The files were corrupted and could not be uploaded to the owner’s computer. After two failed attempts, Compufix Professionals Data Recovery Services proved to be the last hope of recovering all the pictures.

Wet Computer
A hard drive plummeted 200 feet to the ocean’s floor. It was discovered six months later and was sent to our data recover clean room, where 99 percent of the data was imaged and recovered.

Law Enforcement Hired Us to Recovery Data
As legal officials entered the home of a criminal suspect, the individual in question threw a laptop containing potentially pertinent evidence out the window of a 12-story building. As a result, the laptop smashed into many pieces on the sidewalk. Investigators turned to Compufix Professionals, to recover all the files, photos, videos and e-mails. 

Trusted Source of Technical services

Our company, headquartered in New Jersey,  is a leading provider of services & products  since 2002. We're proud to be one of the most trusted sources of technical services & information in our regional area. 

   Serving New Jersey Since 2002

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